Set list

According beat buddy manager I have 7 songs in the set list I created but when I disconnect beat buddy it only shows 5. What have I done wrong?

Do any of your songs use special characters in the name such as a period?

No I never put those in a song title.

Do you recall what you named the missing songs?

Yes in the beat buddy manager all the songs are listed. But beat buddy itself only has 5 of the songs in the set list folder.

Please provide a screen shot of the song names in your set list from the BBM.

Identify the 2 songs that are missing from the pedal.

Ok weirdness continues. Turned on computer opened Beat Buddy and both songs have disappeared from manager. I looked in work space and one of them was there,the one called Nervous, the song called Crazy Again has completely disappeared.

Here’s a pic of beat buddy screen for set list.

Thanks for sharing the pix. You’re right, this is weird. Based on what other users have reported, the symptoms you’ve described indicate that somewhere in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) project that a special character could have been used. Double-check for inadvertent use of special characters in your project name, any other folders or songs or drum sets.

If none, not sure of what to suggest next other than to delete the BBM and bbworkspace and then to download a fresh copy and reinstall. If the songs are important to you, you could export your setlist as a folder (pbf) and then reimport.

If you find out that it’s something else, please post here and let us know what you found.

If what @persist suggests doesn’t work out, don’t hesitate to reach out to for assistance.

Will do and will check all stuff.