Set lists and all songs master catalog

I have every song duplicated on Beat Buddy. One in a set list folder and one again stored in an Alphabetical type folder. This way when performing live, if I get a song request I can leave the current set list folder and go to my alphabetical song folder and locate the target song.

Since you can only store a limited number of songs in a folder and searching a very large folder would be very time consuming during a gig. I’ve created multiple alphabetical folders. Example I have folders ABC DEFG HIJK LMN OPQ RST UVWXYZ

issues with this:

  1. More work for me
  2. Doubled storage
  3. If I change a stored song I have to remember to change in both folders

In my view the songs should only exist physically once in a set list and be indexed into a master alphabetical indexed folder or multiple alphabetical folders like my example if there is some number of songs constraint per folder reason or it may be too time consuming for us to search through hundreds of songs alphabetically in a live situation. The multiple alphabetical folders do allow me speed to locate my songs quickly in live situations.

I was just reviewing firmware 4.0. Is this capability requested now available?

Have you considered an app to control the song selection via Bluetooth? I use OnSong. Ive programmed it so when I select a song, it brings up the proper beat.

I’m considering but I currently use for gigs an android tablet and onsong only supports iOS. For my iOS not used at gigs I currently use ForScore. For android I use mobilesheets. My band mate uses Forscore.

I don’t want to use my work iPad at gigs in case stolen, damaged, and it locks for security by required work security controls. If I buy another iPad Air I may consider onsong. If they supported android it would be an easier decision.

@mmelore Hello Michael.

I use Onsong but I also have an equivalent app (iOS and Android) called SetList Maker, which is currently contained within the Bandhelper product but can be purchased independently.

I find Onsong more user friendly but I know many people love SLM. It’s as powerful as Onsong, as far as I can tell.

This is their web page:

Cheers !

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What would be the problem with mobilesheets? It can send MIDI per song.

I just don’t know how to make the connection - maybe simply by using a USB MIDI adapter plus a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Or via BT.

Thanks I’ll consider