Set Loop Points Within a Loop

I just had the same idea a few minutes ago. On the Aeros it would be a great feature to be able to set loop points within a loop. Also being able to set markers like verse, chorus would be cool too.

Moving this into a new Aeros Feature Requests category where it will get the attention it deserves.

Hey there, unfortunately, this is a big rework of how the Aeros logic works and we cannot easily allow the definition of a new custom loop point.

We are toying with the idea of allowing a user to select whether the loop point is fixed at a starting point or if it always resets when a longer track is recorded (how it works now) but this is probably the furthest we would go.

As far as the organization of songs, you can check out a similar request here, although it also has a fate of likely being too complicated to implement ever.

Thanks for the request!