Creating Song Archetypes

I just ordered my Aeros … but one feature I hope is in there, or planned would be song structure templates…i.e. I could lay out the structure of a song, let’s say its a 2x2, I could setup the tempo, how many bars for part 1 and part 2 and save that as a starting point for a live performance.

During the performance I wouldn’t have as much to do re: punching in to establish track lengths, etc I could start recording on track one, knowing where the end of that loop would be. As part of the template I’d decide the length of the loop and how many times it would be repeated as the foundation for loop 2.

Does that make sense?
Thanks for any tips on the viability or interest in a feature like that.


Yes. The more I can take off my plate when playing the better.

The touch screen could provide a fancy UI to setup the song structure or perhaps some browser or mobile app. The easy Ul for this is to let the user type in text patterns that indicate parts, tracks, tempo, etc.

Bonus points for the ability to use song structure to control the recording of the tracks as well as playback.

Hey! Found this when looking up if we had a pre-existing version of this request, sorry for the delay.

You may be glad to know we are tinkering with the design of this and may have something in the works relatively soon.

For this reason I will tag as #med-long-term , thanks for your request and patience!


Has there been any progress on this. I would love to be able to pre-set loop lengths. Just one less thing to worry about when playing live.

If the song structure is pre-determined, why not record blank loops (zero volume) and save the song, then load it when you need it?

Then use OVERDUB instead of RECORD. One feature of this method is you don’t have to start recording at the beginning of the measure.

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We are still exploring pre-set loop lengths but are looking like we will likely never do song planning or archetypes

I am updating the tag to #under-consideration

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