Song modeling

Given that Aeros’s features are designed around creating a Song (songs contain parts, which contain tracks), wondering if you might allow the modeling of the song structure to one more level, allowing users to enter a song structure, which could at its most basic level stipulate:
part to play and how many times to play that part before transitioning to the next part

after the last part in this defined song structure is played, the song would end

Does seem like you’d want to be able to select a special mode while having a song selected in order to play the song in this way (vs the current behavior).

I searched the forum to see if this had already been requested, but couldn’t find it, so apologies if this is a duplicate.

(I can certainly see how this is related to the requests for one-shot part play)




This has already been requested, please forward all thoughts to this thread if not already stated there.

For this reason I will tag as #duplicate and close the topic,