Automatic sequencing of parts

I want to be able to create parts then tell Aeros the sequence I want them to play. e.g. 1,2,3,2,3,4,5 so that once I start the song I never have to do any tap dancing until I press the stop button on my Beatbuddy.

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We have gotten similar requests, we do not plan on doing anything like this very soon, though we may explore the possibility when we look into one shot parts, as the issues seem linked.

On the bright side, since you mention you have a BeatBuddy, by using the upcoming Autopilot mode, you could plan out your song on the BeatBuddy Manager and then use the BeatBuddy MIDI part change capability to control the Aeros part changes as you need them. So there’s good news there! That is also in the works and is more likely to come sooner than an Aeros update on the matter.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Ok I’m glad someone is thinking about it. As someone who has been performing music for 40 years I can unequivocally say that the less I have to think about when performing the better I am. If you can incorporate an easy way to create a song sequence so I don’t have to keep looking down to hit buttons on time your product becomes 5x’s more attractive to me. If they can make a car that drives itself I think this can be done. :wink:

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Noted! As a musician myself, I totally get that idea, the most difficult thing will be the implementation and the UX overhaul that goes with it. The BB autopilot will hopefully be a mid way point for this request.

This is actually a duplicate of this issue, I will respond on the original request for this feature from here on out

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