Add arranger feature to Aeros? Or maybe it belongs in Maestro?

What if one can create a map of loop changes to play back in an arrangement automatically? Seems like the bar would be raised in all situations. DAW, live with a band, busking, songwriting. Maybe this is the work of Midi Maestro? Record your loops in AEROS create the arrangement in Maestro. Somehow BB fits in there in a typical AABACA type of arrangement with drum fill, rhythm changes .


Yes, this is an excellent idea … and it’s been talked about recently in the context of one shot parts as well.

I also think that using the AABACA music terminology in the song settings is a great way to add this feature without a huge investment in UI. It could just be a text box into which you could type “AABACA” … and that would be your song … and most people would instantly understand what it means

SS said it was something they would consider in the mid/long term. It would be a natural thing to do after one shot parts.