Sequential next part in 6x6 mode

It would be nice to have the 6x6 mode working the same as the 2x2 mode. So automatic go to the next part while recording.
This way we can use the midi maestro to change to wich part we will go… I want my looping experience handsfree.


Hey there, this is something we hope to include in a firmware update soon! We are planning to allow users to choose whether they want it to play sequentially when next part is hit or if they want to select part first then give command. Stay tuned!


I agree this would be great. We’d only need to tap to the right part when they were out of sync in the part list.

In practice we need songs with a subset of 6x6, working like the 2x2 mode. All my 6x6 experiments restrain my eyes on the Aeros, as it involves continues selection of NEXT part/track. We need a more straight forward approach. I have songs I’d like to do as 2x4 for example (2 tracks, four parts) or 3x5 or even 1x6. If we could fix a song matrix when making a new song, implementing and using the NEXT part/track functionality would be much easier to process.


Yeah I really like the idea of a flexible matrix also. A setting for one tap next part in the sequence during playback would be super useful.

Not sure if this topic is about my problem - When using BeatBuddy+Aeros Im facing an issue in 6x6 mode. The Beatbuddy transition to the next part is not triggering the Aeros to switch to the next part. It transitions to the next part on the Beatbuddy but on Aeros it remains on part one. Its working in 2x2 mode. Ive received my Aeros just a few days ago, maybe Im doing something wrong. Would need some help on this. Thanks!

You’ll need to tap Select Part or Select Track first when you are in 6x6 mode, then tap for the transition on BB.

In 6x6 you have to manually assign your next part before the transition, hence my request to make it the same as in 2x2…


Thanks man! It works! :wink:

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:+1: for this one !
I think it would deserve a whole feature request of its own as its a bit aside the core topic of this one. Definitely a good idea which could be expanded and triggers multiple ideas of improvements in the song navigation subject…

Let’s consider 3 =< X =< 6:

  • 2x2 matrix managed as it is today
  • 2xX matrix managed like the 2x2 for the multipart, and like the 6x6 for the tracks
  • Xx2 matrix managed like the 6x6 for the multipart, and like the 2x2 for the tracks
  • 3xX matrix managed sequential next part for the multipart, and like the 6x6 for the tracks
  • Xx3 matrix managed like the 6x6 for the multipart, and with sequential next track for the tracks
  • beyond like 6x6 by default with possibility to override behavior with one of the other above…

So cool!


What would be great in addition is to be able to pre-determine any sequence of the song parts. In example, I want to automatic move to next part in a pre-determined sequence like 1-2-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-5-6 according the structure of a given song where part 1 is the verse, part 2 the pre-chorus, part 3 the chorus, part 4 the bridge #1, part 5 the bridge #2, part 6 the outro.

@Fablaporta, I agree. I believe your request may be a duplicate to my “Song Modeling” feature request here, if I understand your request correctly:

Hey there,

To clarify, that is not how duplicates work, only threads can be duplicates of other threads, we do not track individual comments in threads for feature requests.

I responded to your thread, thanks