With the Aeros how do you get track 2 to auto record the same length measure as track 1?


Well I bought an Aeros, and got it yesterday :slight_smile:

I just want it to work with the Beatbuddy for simple verse chorus songs.

Got everything to work I want except after recording track 1 with 1 measure, when I transition to track 2 with the bb transition and it starts recording the verse I’d like it to auto punch out and start playing after 1 measure (i.e the same length as the measure I created in the verse) That’s how the pigtronix Infinity worked and it’s much better like that as looking down at my feet all the time totally spoils live performances


Masten :slight_smile:

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Hey there, there is no current auto-playback for parts, you must tell the Aeros when to stop recording. There are already feature requests for Auto record and auto playback functionalities, so stay tuned on that.

Hi Brennan. Ok cool. Yeah it really needs this.

Best way to implement it in my opinion
would prob be just have it so you can set it to auto play after x measures have been recorded which would apply to both recording and/or overdubs, so you then dont have to punch out on overdubs either. For us simple users that just wanna perform our songs anything that reduces having to tap a footswitch is good. In fact if the above was done, if you have a bb, you wouldnt have to touch the Aeros except for punching in on overdubs which would be awesome.

Next thing would then be to find a way to get the bb to do that too :slight_smile:

Where can you see and ask for feature requests?


M :slight_smile:

Not exactly what you want, but the “Sync tracks” setting is very well behaved in the latest beta firmware 1.17.1.

Hi Quad. Yeah got the firmware that auto downloaded when I set it up. Will that have that setting? Can’t find it. In manual it says its in song specific settings but can’t see it. Doesn’t that keep tracks of different lengths in sync though, not keep parts the same length? Thanks. M :slight_smile:

It’s a beta, so you’ll need to manually download and copy over to the Aeros via an SD card.

See: Aeros firmware 2.17.x

Perhaps at some point there will be a choice of a beta channel to update via wifi.

Yeah I dont wanna mess about with memory cards and stuff. Ill just wait until it’s a regular update

Is sync tracks supposed to be available in the latest regular (not beta) firmware update which I got a few days ago? Theres no mention of it in the song specific settings and theres a gap on the screen where Ive seen it on some images

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thought I had 2.17 but just looked and it’s 2.13b which is prob why I dont have sync tracks. @BrennanSingularSound will that mean with that update if you record 1 measure in part 1, that in part 2 it will auto punch out from recording and start playing after 1 measure?


Hey Masten,

No, there is no current auto playback function. The sync functions still require you to input a playback command.

@BrennanSingularSound Hey Brennan. Ok thanks. Any rough idea when the above i.e. auto playback after recording is coming?


I would not say it is a priority as of right now and could be a while before we implement, but if plenty more users are requesting the feature we may reconsider timelines at some point.

Ok thanks. Where is the original feature request on here so I can give my backing to it. Thanks

This may be related

The above link is the first instance of this request, so to consolidate I will be closing this topic, please forward all further comments there, thank you.