Setlist songs for a gig


What is the best method to arrange songs in a setlist?
For example songs i want to use are all over in different folders in BeatBuddy (World, Jazz, Pop etc…).
How do i take songs i like and put them in my List?

I believe you have to export and then import in the new set list folder within BBM

Probably best to not try to do it manually outside of the BBM (using the OS). This usually leads to corruption of your bbworkspace. The songs and folders are managed by the BBM.

If you’re using BBM version 1.6.5 or, you can export the songs or folders and then reimport them e.g., export song 1 from folder A; select folder B and then import song 1. I’m sure other users have different workarounds.

You can try Search Forums using copy paste and see some of the different ideas that users have tried.

If i understand correctly i have to export each song separately and then import each song separately?

Yes. Export each song separately unless you have several songs within a genre folder, say Blues or Rock, then you can export the folder, reimport, rename it and delete the songs you don’t need.

You’re right, it is a tedious process.