Setlists, can I list drum patterns as per a gig setlist?

Hi, I’ve just received my BB this morning, and this weekend I would like to see if I could find suitable drum patterns and associate them with songs in our setlist for the next gig. Once I’ve done that, is it possible to create an ordered list to go from one song to the next without searching and scrolling thru menus?

Yes just copy them into their own folder in the order you want. Then, you can advance song by song using the external footswitch.

Sorry, I’m a complete beginner here - which folder ? where? how? …theres nothing in the instruction about folders or saving lists. Sorry to be dumb but can you spell it out to me like teaching a robot …thanks!

Download the Beatbuddy manager. That’s the easiest way to get songs to your pedal (via the SD card).

Go here:

The manager is the 3rd thing down, but I’d recommend download it all! :slight_smile:

I must say I find the question perplexing mainly as this question is being asked more and more. It seems as if people are purchasing the BB without doing any research - almost as an impulse buy - then wondering if it will do this or that.

So yes it can and there are a number of tutorials and documentation on how to accomplish this.

Thanks a lot @aashideacon, …I followed you advice, downloaded the software and followed the video, - excellent, I’ll do a trial run tonight on a few songs in my list!!
In fact I had done a bit of research on this pedal but just didnt know where to find the info without wading through everything. I must admit though, now actually owning the pedal and pressing buttons makes understanding any previous research a lot more meaningful! …so thanks for the guide.
I have another question …is there an easy way of relating “songs” style & tempo to existing covers, or is it a matter of sitting down and trying all drum “songs” within reason to see which fits best? I’ve searched on the web etc but only find a limited number of covers which have been linked to a drum “song” …any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers

start here:

@aashideacon yes thanks, I’ve already been there which gave me a few guides, but theres only a limited selection. Can’t find any other link sites so I’ll maybe have to work away on my gig list offline!
For your info: …I’ve followed the tutorial guide on installing the Manager, but on my iMac it didnt behave same as the Windows guide. I cant find a iMac guide. It worked for a while but I couldnt get the export /import to work and I think the whole thing got corrupted, In the end the whole programme self deleted from my HDD…? peculiar! I have a little difficulty in understanding exactly how & where to store the downloads, I created a BEATBUDDY folder to store everything but maybe that was wrong?
So I’m starting the download again see how it goes. Meanwhile I’ve been reading some of the grief stories about iMac/BBManager which hasnt given me much confidence, maybe I will have to wait until the software is fully developed for iMac (I’m on 10.10.5 by the way)

Downloaded again, seems OK, but when I try to save the SD card, it flashes up an exclamation signal “unable to open the project file for saving” …any thoughts?