I’m sure that somewhere the answer is all laid out somewhere but I searched the forum with words I thought should help me find the answer but to no avail, maybe someone can point me to it.

[INDENT]If I am creating content for a new card to contain a set(s)…

How do I do that?

Does the card have to contain the default BB Song list?

Can I just have folders on a card called set1, set2, set3, etc?

I have some blank SD cards coming but having never used them… do they come formatted and ready to use?[/INDENT]

Right now my starting folder that I’ve been building my list shows up in BB Mgr along with the default folder.
When I export to pedal, of course I get the default library as well as my own.

Hopefully this is detailed somewhere. In the videos I see it talked about, but it wasn’t clear to me what was required to actually build the set list independent of BB songs.

Thanks (I’m late to the party)


Download a project from the site. You will need it at least for the drumsets no matter what content you want to make.
Open it in BBManager via File > Open Project.
Add as many folders as you wish using Organize > New Folder.
You can rename them in the Project Manager window (bottom left corner) of BBManager.
To change their order, use Organize > Move Folder Up/Down.
To move/copy songs from one folder to another use Import-Export > Export Song for the song you want to copy (save it to somewhere on your disk), then open the folder you want to copy it to and use Import-Export > Import Song.
To change the order of songs inside a folder, use Organize > Move Song Up/Down.

Hope this helps. Have fun with your BeaBuddy!

P.s.: Using Organize > Move Folder/Song Up/Down is really inconvenient and feels like pure crap old DOS program interface. That’s why the next version of BBManager (coming really really soon!) drag’n’drop will help you!

Thanks. Although I’m not sure by what you mean to “download a project” I didn’t see any "projects in the download area.

Per the default on the card, it appears to have a main folder and then sub-folders for rock, country, Latin, etc, Can folders go any deeper on the beat buddy pedal? Just curious.

In the end I just want a card with set lists names and each list containing the songs for that set. I assume that’s standard procedure.

I’ve been a little cautious experimenting until I get my current projects copied to a second card, although I have them on hard disk. But I would hate to mess up what I’ve already done, so I’m trying to understand it as best I can first. I shouldn’t sound like a computer newbie as I was an I/T Director and made my career with computers for the past 35 years (now retired and now I can return to live playing in addition to my studio work) , and though computers are the heart of my studio what I’ve learned most over that 35 years is that I largely dislike computers. ;>)

Thanks again for responding?


What I do is put Set1, Set2, Set3 at the top of the existing folder in MGR and on the SD. I don’t see any particular advantage having them on a separtate SD card, but there are disadvantages. What’s your idea there? You can have additional projects, which allows different content on each SD card. It will complicate SNG file management. With multiple folders where you have a SNG file, if you decide later to change it, you will have to find and change in each of those folders. A second Project creates additional folders and additional copies of all the SNG files, where you’d have to change a SNG in multiple folders and also switch to Program 2 and change song in all folders there.

Currently BBManager doesn’t support hierarchical folder structure.
Project always consists of 2 layers - Project (root) / Folders / Songs. You cannot put songs in a root just as you can’t put folders inside folders.
I personally don’t like this at all, so this is likely to get changed in the future.

Daryl, I understand your feedback that now BBManager feels hard to operate with. Though, all the information in my previous post will help you do exactly what you want.
By the way, if you can advise on how to make BBManager easier to grasp - please share!

I was just thinking of keeping the card less cluttered, but suppose if they are at the top it’s no big deal. Thanks. I"m still not clear on all the file dependencies. I have some ideas, but I’m sure they are not unique… like auditioning clips before importing them without using Win Media player and MORE buttons.


Making sets quickly: to maintain your SNGs you export all your songs into a folder (All My SNGs Exported Folder) (all your songs in alphabetical order). This is your master copy. Once you’ve got this folder sets are easy. …In MGR create new folder, select import song, then multiselect all SNGs needed from that alphabetical folder, import all at once. You can make a set in 90 seconds. Label the Set.

Yes this is possible as already stated - easiest way would be to import the folders set1, set2 etc and delete the main beatbuddy folders, then synchronize. .
A safer way to ensure you still have the default project is to create a New Project.

In the BB manager go to File and select New Project, (this will give you an empty project) give it a suitable name.
[]Go to Import-Export and select Import Folder and select your folders set1, set2, etc…
]Go to Import-Export and select Export project to pedal, find the Beatbuddy or SD card and select it to write the data back to the device.
Hope that makes sense.

I kind of get that… but how do I create the SET Folder? How do I get SELECTED .sng files that are all in one folder into a new folder called SET?

No matter what I do it seems to want to export to or import from a “project folder” and I’m still at a loss as to how to get just a set with .sng files???

I appreciate your patience.


A set folder is just a folder renamed Set or Jan 30th Gig, or Friday Practice, that you’ve put a selection of SNG files in, organized in order you want to play them.

I do that, but 2when I try to import my folder, it wants a “project folder” and I can’t select just a regular folder. What am I missing???

In Mgr select Organize, select New Folder. New Folder (highlighted) will appear at left under Songs tab. Click it once. Rename it Set 1, hit enter. With Set 1 still highlighted select Import Export at upper left. Click Import Song. Navigate to folder on PC where you have exported all your personal .SNG files. Hold control and select the ones for Set 1, click open. Done. Use Organize Song Up, Song Down to change order. Save. Sync to card.

Before you are ready to make a set you should have all your personal songs in a folder alphabetically listed in MGR and on the SD card and in a folder on PC.

Thank you both so much! The light finally went on in my thick skull and now I can do what I want (so far). I was getting folder terminology mixed up. I now have sets and multiple cards. Thank you again, you help has been invaluable.