Setting bpm via midi

does anybody know how to send bpm messages from a tablet to beatbuddy , in order to change it without reaching the floor?? please help!!

Sorry in advance for the long reply, I only use a basic midi command from my ipad to the Beatbuddy (using onsong), so by no means am I an expert. But the basics are that the midi command that you need to enter near the top of your song (not sure what app you’re using though) is in this format: Midi:x.x:x (all x’s are numbers that pertain to the location of the song within your beatbuddy folder structure).

You can find a really in depth manual on the singular sound website, but I’ll try and summarize my understanding below: BeatBuddy-MIDISettings-Firmware-v1.77.pdf (

Explanation (as I understand it) for the “Midi:x.x:x” format:

First number (from 0-127): So if I have a song that is within the first 128 folders, the first number will be “0”. (If the song is within the next 128 folders, the number would then be “1”, and so on for each set of 128 folders. I’ve setup my folders as alphabetical letters for songs - A songs, B songs, C songs, etc. so my first number will likely always be “0” since I won’t have more than 128 folders)

Second number (from 0-127): This number dictates which folder within the set of 128 folders you want to locate. The first folder is “0”, the second folder is “1”, and so on.

Third number (from 0-127): This is song number within that folder. The first song is “0”, second song is “1” and so on.

A. Folder 1, song 1 - command would look like this: Midi:0.0:0
B. Folder 1, song 2 - command would look like this: Midi:0.0:1
C. Folder 3, song 3 - command would look like this: Midi:0.2:2
D. Folder 129, song 4 - command would look like this: Midi:1.1:3

I hope that helps!

thank you very much for your help and everything works now!

No problem… I just realized that my long winded explanation didn’t actually talk about bpm. I only described choosing songs.

Sorry, I don’t actually send bpm changes through midi but it can be done (manual that I gave the link to might help with that).

yes for the BPM I got a message from the author of mobilesheet, the software i use and he fixed it!