Setting levels on Aeros

I generally get good recording results, but very often it seems that the recording levels between songs are noticably different. I also sometimes have issue of recording a loop that sounds loud enough, but playback from aeros (and the recording ‘wave’) are low?
Looking for strategy to have recording levels solid so that playback is the same (or maybe slightly lower) than live signal.
What do you find is best ‘target’ for how the ‘waves’ should look?
What is best level to shoot for on the meter?
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I generally target the peaks of my recordings to be no higher than the top of green/bottom of yellow (old analog habit). This is a digital pedal so that is not a big deal; lower levels are fine wrt to noise floor and the dynamic range is huge.

The sound level you hear while recording is not the same as the playback volume (which is adjusted per song overall by the scroll wheel and per track in the mixer).

For me it seems that the live volume is lower than the playback volume. Not sure if this is a bug with the default values or carryover from tweaks made from a prior song. Several people have commented on this, so there’s probably something to fix/improve here.

I can’t test it now, but I’d try setting the master volume to the “detent” position on a new song and see if that gets you to unity gain on recording and playback…

try to record with the level input just on 2 yellow stripes

When playback set the global volume on the mixer on the White stripe on top
Normaly you are close

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I would say generally Keep your VU meter in the green with some peaks in the yellow, it really depends on the amount of tracks you add to the Aeros and how many layers those tracks have. You may want to record a little quieter to avoid getting too loud as you add various tracks. As long as you don’t peak, you should be ok!

Thanks for the question!