Setting Question - starts recording on BB part change

Hey Friends - little help here.

I discovered that my Midi change option was set to disable on my beat buddy. I enabled that.

Now my Aeros does not start recording or doing anything when I start the BB (which is how I want it) - but the Aeros does activate and start recording when I change parts in the BB. I looked through the settings and I really can’t figure out where I am telling the Aeros to do this.

Any thoughts please?

Hey there,

unfortunately the Aeros is meant to start a recording if it is sent to a new part that is not recorded to yet, however if you don’t mind losing the ability to have BB switch the parts on the Aeros (which is no issue if you have a MIDI controller) you can disable the CC 102 command being sent on the BB in Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI Out. This way switching parts on the BB alone won’t have any affect on the Aeros.

Let me know if this works for you!

Thanks for the question