Setting Tempo on a new song

I just bought the Aeros Loop Studio. I don’t understand how you set the tempo for a new song. When I tap the TEMPO switch, it just jumps around to wildly varying random tempos that do not make any sense. I looked all in the manual, but nothing is explained about this.

Yes, I have the latest firmware.

Hi, MarkSeven:
I think tap tempo kind-of works more like an average of your taps. I have tap tempo on all kinds of devices… my BeatBuddy, delay pedals, multi-effects processor, various looper pedals, an app on my iPad, etc., and they all seem to do that. The tapping gets me close to my desired tempo and then I turn the tempo knob to dial it in exactly (if I need a precise tempo). Maybe that’s just me, though? It could be that my foot tapping tempo just wildly fluctuates! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, literally “tap tempo” Duh. I’m used to setting the number in software.


Hey there,

Yes the tempo can only be set incrementally on Aeros using the touchscreen in the Song settings screen. Otherwise it is a tap tempo averaging, at least 4 taps are recommended for accurate readings.