setting tempo via midi?

I see under the MIDI section (FW 1.7) that a tempo can be set from an external source via midi using MSB 106, LSB 107…Does MSB tell BB a tempo change is coming and then LSB 107 sets up the following data packet with the actual tempo? Because it seems there may be some data missing here??
So, would the message be 106;107; XXX with XXX being the desired tempo?

Volume and the other commands seem pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

You need to send both CC106 and CC107 and they are summed to give a final BPM. CC106 sends multiples of 128 and CC107 sends single values.
CC106:0 + CC107:100 = 100BPM
CC106:1 + CC107:3 = 131BPM
CC106:2 + CC107:0 = 256BPM

Hope that makes sense.

I wondered if it is reasonable to post a simple flow chart of your midi signal and how it is synching the IPAD and MBB over bluetooth now? I am having a hard time still understanding how Loopy HD on the IPAD can synch up with MBB unless a constant midi synch is being sent from MBB to the PUC+ to the IPAD? Sounds like OnSong is your master and you are sending Midi tempo the other way to MBB? Maybe I was going about this backwards? A simple flow chart could really help me. : ) Thanks for considering this.

Hi emacnevin,
When using the PUC+, I’m not syncing the MIDI, I’m simply sending the tempo and song change. The PUC+ cannot handle the datastream needed for a MIDI sync.

I have 2 setups…
One I use for gigging where I play bass, use OnSong and the beat buddy. I simply need to load the correct drum beat and tempo; I connect my iPad wither either the Camera Connection Kit (CKK) and a MIDI to USB cable or I can use the PUC+.
This is the chain:

  1. iPad > CKK > USB2MIDI > Beat Buddy
    or 2) iPad > PUC+ > BeatBuddy

The other setup I use is my ‘at home jamming’ setup; in this setup I use Loopy HD and Bias FX. Here I connect my iPad to a powered USB Hub, then connect my audio interface (Audiobox iTwo). The iTwo allows me to connect guitars, bass, (phantom) mics or MIDI devices. I can also connect USB floor pedals to the hub like my Line 6 Shortboard MKII (so I can control loopy HD).
This is the chain:
iPad > CKK > Powered USB Hub > Audiobox iTwo > (via MIDI)Beat Buddy
-------------------------------> Line 6 Shortboard

Ok I understand now. I guess I was hopeful about that midi data stream would synch- but as we discussed - not ready for prime time yet. This is great to see your flow chart and it gives me some ideas so thank you!

hmmm…yes and no. If both 106 and 107 MUST be used then how do you achieve a tempo of less than 100?

CC106:0 + CC107:64 = 64BPM

ahh so you are saying that the setting of 0 for 106 does NOT use a multiple of 128…this only applies from a setting of 1 or more, yes?

that is correct!

Cool thanks :slight_smile: it is soooo frustrating not being able to contribute here…I am still waiting for my midi cable to arrive :frowning:

Let me clarify, the MIDI sync will not work with the PUC+; it simply can’t handle that amount of data.

However if you get the CKK and a cheap USB2MIDI cable, you can easily sync the MIDI clock to or from the beatbuddy and your iPad/iPhone.
USB2MIDI: midi

Great information, thanks

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
Sorry to bring this thread up again.

Im trying to send Tempo Change Command to BeatBuddy from my iPad app unrealbook

I have the iPad connected to the beat buddy using the camera connection kit to a iconnectivity mio to the beatbuddy midi in

i can control the beat buddy from my iPad meaning when i pick a song in unreal book it will go to the proper song folder in beat buddy

but what i am not able to do yet is send a tempo change command

I’m trying to send 100 bpm

I’ve tried

CC106:0 + CC107:100 = 100BPM

CC106:0 + CC107:100

CC106:0 CC107:100 = 100BPM

CC106:0 CC107:100

CC106:0, CC107:100 = 100BPM

CC106:0, CC107:100

none of the above commands work

Can someone tell me what I’m missing? am i missing MSB LSB text somewhere? am i missing a comma?

Can someone tell me exactly what to type in the midi section of my app to tell beat buddy 100BPM

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
joe :slight_smile:

I’m using firmware 1.8.5 :slight_smile:

if there is a field in unreal book that is labeled raw data or hex code try
b9 6a 00
b9 6b 66

this is what i use to set tempo in setlist maker. this should set it to 102 bpm

do some tests with changing the last numbers in each line to change the tempo value

Thought maybe that will help

+1 to what jstrausss said :slight_smile:

I’m using Bandhelper, but didn’t at first undrestnd what CC106 and CC107 where in terms of how that instruction is sent to the BB

It also confused me for a while that it looked like two different sets of MSB/LSB values would set the same temp until I realised that BB has lowest tempo possible of 40 and highest of 300, so if you send a value lower than 40 it will still set 40bpm and if you set a value higher than 300 it will set it to 300bpm.


Really helpful. Using forScore and the hex code worked.

Using forScore and it has MIDI on open which uses the hex codes.

Can you help on what you used to figure this out?

I use Songbook and
{Midi: CC106.0@16, CC107.70@16, START}
In the song text uses channel 16 on my BeatBuddy with a tempo of 70 BPM