Setting the bpm is now a lot more difficult

I have the latest update and setting the bpm is really hard now as you have removed the up and down buttons, also trying to set it at 130 bpm is impossible. I can save it as 130 bpm but then when you look at the bpm it changes to 129 bpm every time. Any advice or is this a bug?

I am also trying to set a song at 97 bpm, that is impossible too as it keeps saving at 96 bpm.

Not sure, but I think I had this happen (choose bpm x and x’ is actually set) a few times.

I thought it was my error, but maybe there’s a sporadic issue.

Would help to have arrows for +1 and -1. Also deceleration of the scroll wheel for slower bpm changes.

Hey there,

Heard loud and clear, and we will hopefully have something new soon!

Thanks for the feedback

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