Setting the count in

Im running the latest version of Aeros firmware - but I cant make the count in do what I think it should do. I just want a Count of 4 clicks before recording - or playback. I can do it with the Aeros alone - but once i use the BB to start the song - the drums start playing immediately. Is the count in meant to work if the Aeros is starting the song? Thanks Tony

I guess the Beatbuddy is as master
Go to BB settings and set the count in on the BB

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Hey there,

It really depends on what your use case is

If the Aeros is the MIDI Transmitter (master) you cannot start the BeatBuddy without starting the Aeros too, in this case you may wish to set the Aeros to count in only. The Aeros will send the Start command at the end of the count in. If you would like to start the BeatBuddy without starting the Aeros you will want to start scrolling on the Aeros without recording.

To do this,

  • the Aeros must be in an empty quantized song part
  • the Send Start While Scrolling setting should be enabled (Device settings > MIDI > MIDI Out).
  • When you start the Aeros by tapping the Play Stop all button or by sending MIDI command to start the BeatBuddy will start playback normally and the Aeros will scroll on the empty part.
  • You should turn off the BeatBuddy Count in/intro setting off in this case as the Aeros will do all the work and BB Intros could cause a desync if they are not a full measure.

If the BeatBuddy is the Transmitter (master) this would work differently:

You can set the BeatBuddy to send that start command either at the start or end of the count in/intro, we suggest setting it to send at the end of it to ensure sync. If you wish to start the BeatBuddy but not start recording on the Aeros, you can set the Aeros MIDI In Start behavior to only play back, this means the Aeros will start scrolling once it receives the MIDI Start command from the BeatBuddy and you can cue a recording at the next measure at any time.

Set the Aeros MIDI In Start setting in the MIDI In Device settings or using the interactive record and playback icons on page 2 of the Song Dashboard

Song Dashboard

Pg 1, Press the down arrow (3) to go to pg 2 of the song dashboard

Pg 2, Record (3)_ and playback (4) icons are interactive and can be turned on/off using touchscreen

Thanks for the question, let me know if this was helpful or if you have more questions!

OK thanks Brennan. I didnt realise i could set the count in on the BB. I think there is a bit of an issue that the manual for the Aeros doesnt consider that the BB may be attached to the Aeros - and is transmitting. Maybe it does and I missed it. Cheers Tony

Hey there,

I’m sorry, I read your reply over I am not sure what you are mentioning in particular, could you clarify?

The Aeros manual (latest version 5.1.1) is made for the product itself, it would be confusing to write it mixing products or assume users have other products when using it, but we do try to cover everything we can.

There is an Aeros and the BeatBuddy section in the manual, are you saying that this section also lacks what you’re looking for in the manual?

A clarification of exactly what you mean will be helpful, thanks!

Hi Brennan, sorry for any confusion. I had been trying to set up a count in on the looper as per the Aeros manual - and using the BB as the transmitter. As far as i could figure out the count in works as it should if the BB was unplugged from the looper, but not if the BB is transmitting. I agree that you cant assume that a BB is connected to the looper. You original reply sorted it all out though - I hadn’t realised that I can set a count in on the BB. Cheers Tony