Setting up midi connections with BB, 11 rack, and FCB1010

I’m not a midi person, but I’d like to learn. I want to use the FCB as the main controller to change settings on the BB and 11 rack. What would be the best way to connect them to do that?
I have the BB breakout midi cable, and a bunch of standard midi cables. I just don’t know midi settings.

start looking for youtube video’s like this one

I actually did watch that one and several others, but all they talk about are the device functions. They do not talk about wiring or midi commands to get it connected properly.

Hey there,

Simply connect the output port on the FCB to the input port on the BeatBuddy’s MIDI adapter and connect the 11 rack’s MIDI in port to the MIDI out port on the BeatBuddy MIDI adapter

FCB > BB > 11 rack

you could also switch the FCB > BB > 11 rack but I think this may be more trouble than good since maybe 11 rack’s pass though isn’t as good you could play with it or maybe it’s indiscernible difference. It may also depend on your use case and if you need the BeatBuddy to send anything to the 11 rack.

If you don’t need the BB’s tempo into the 11 rack you could turn it off, make sure you set the BeatBuddy’s MIDI Input type to MIDI-Merge in this case. If you only want the messages to go through the BeatBuddy and not to send clock, you may as well set the BeatBuddy to MIDI-Thru. (Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Output Type)

Does this answer your question? Let me know, thanks!

Thank you. I have been out of the country for a while but I will try this set up and see how it goes.

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Thanks let us know, happy new year :slight_smile: