Setting up Voicelive 3 with BB

Hey I could sure use some help setting the Voicelive 3 up with the beat buddy. I have messed around with it and I am having no luck getting them to midi sync up and I know it must be possible cause some of you have said you are using it. A video of the set up procedure would be the awesome but if that won’t work any help you can give… Thanks

assign your voice live to midi and remember to go back to usb if u connect to voice support…every one is under the impression that one machine will start the other… i saw toms from tc video …he pushes the start button on both machines…i have both machines i’ll try to take a picture of the voice live display for midi


Hey Joe!
The midi lead from BB out to VL3 midi / on BB, press drumset and tempo together to get to settings / main pedal / midi messages / start / intro or main beat / back / Beatbuddy / midi / midi out.
VL3 setup / midi source / midi ports / midi tempo on
In looper window / util / met on and met mute.
there is a few problems syncing when using some of the drum pattern intros,
Probably left something out but i think thats the basic settings.

Thanks so much!

Were these BB intro’s , or forum submissions?
I’m still drooling over this combo :wink:

I think Daef’ fixed them but i just created my own.

wow is right .thanks