Settings changed

Has anyone had their BB just change it’s setting out of the blue?
I went to start a gig the other day and found the pedal assignments, accent hit default, start mode had all gone to different settings. Not sure if it went to factory default settings but all had changed. Quite embarrassing to hype up everyone to then have to stop 2 bars in and change units (luckily I have a second BB backup).

Not sure if I’ve seen this reported before but it’s reminiscent of when a Mac user’s project is exported to an SD card where the PARAMS folder doesn’t get transferred. The PARAMS folder holds the files with the pedal settings and if missing or corrupt, the pedal will not have the settings.

If this happened at the start of the performance, it might explain what you reported. If it happened after you had started playing, then that’s another matter.

Please let us know if you’re ever able to figure out.

The other theory is that if using a USB cable to sync your project from your computer to your card that the data transfer was incomplete.

Good that you had a backup pedal; another good practice is to have a backup card and to test the pedal and settings of both cards during rehearsal and sound check.

This always happens if you have custom settings in the pedal and you export instead of synch from BBM. Is it possible you exported accidentally rather than synched?

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Thanks for the replies. I had in fact just done an update on my cards and yes one (obviously the one in question) seemed to take a couple of goes to synch. Probably due to my dodgy SD card slot in my laptop. I then used an external USB card reader to do the other back up one (which worked).

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Hi Joe & Pigy!

We’ve found that a card needs to be reformatted after ten or so exports.

We never heard the synch thing!! We always used export and cursed SS every time we had to redo the setups!
(Now we take it all back and hope their privates don’t fall off…!)

Also, our band does genre shows and we’ve gone to a card for each genre to keep it all straight.
We can use MUCH cards and export times are really short!