Settings Editor wifi or bluetooth?

hows the cell phone app coming? we should be able to create, name and adjust settings, with Bluetooth or even over the network. could be as simple as an editable webpage… bending over and the tiny keyboard on the touch screen is not working well for me…so far that’s the main usability problem I’ve had is the in between songs. that and how and when to incorporate beat buddy. seems a simplified versions of purchased beats are needed.

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Agree :+1:

An app would be nice, but there are IMHO a lot of much more important capabilities for Aeros (and for other SS products) that would be higher priority.

Will these (web and/or ios/android) apps spread Singular Sound’s limited development resources too thin? Both ongoing maintenance as well as initial release.

maybe hire this guy or buy him out.
seems his product line might be usable by SS clients

if this tiny project can have remote control, i think you guys should be able to figure out how to run a tiny web server or mobile app.

i believe in this day and age remote connection/configuration is part of the out of the box experience.
and if things are coded properly a bulk the code should be portable.

i just need song settings on a editable webpage
should be identical to the song settings page on aeros.

both the BB and the looper have this Ben Dover problem. the BB update to use the external buttons to browse was ingenious. so i hold hope for a unique solution.

Ben Dover is the biggest buzz/joy/creative moment killer #1 problem with usability.

The Midi Maestro solves the Ben Dover problem for me.

i see w/MM you can start a new song but not change settings.?
don’t mind randomly named songs.
you would have to switch modes to change tempo?
and still a mystery on time signature to me.

the initial problem is that even when i do “get down” on the floor.
the keypad is not as effective as say a cell phone on-screen keyboard.
i cant even back space with out things going askew.
maybe i got a crappy touch screen as i don’t see others with this complaint.

Nah it’s ok most likely. It’s definitely not as sensitive as a cell phone etc… You gotta touch screen much harder.

There’s no feedback that you are touching the screen. Highlight the “button” on press and make it go back on release?

With 10 pages on MM you can customise most everything, including change tempo.