Setup BeatBuddy out of the box - video or help please

Hi I just bought BeatBuddy and not used to playing electric so i feel you guys need to do a youtube video for absolute newbies - ie SETUP OUT OF THE BOX, all your setup videos assume you are plugged in. I would like to respectfully ask - what cables do i need, i am using Beatbuddy with a guitar and an amp - assuming thats all i what are the steps i should follow (the manuals dont start with simple plug in steps). Also how do i connect my Beatbuddy to my notebook computer? do i need to get a USB device that connects the SD card if the computer doesnt have a SD slot? Thanks for your patience Michael

I’m assuming you’ve read How to Plug In starting on p13 of the manual

While you wait for a video, here’s some initial steps and it assumes you don’t have an Aux In or Line Input on your guitar amplifier.

  • Plug your guitar into the Left Input of your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal using your 1/4" guitar patch cable. You can modify this step if your amp has two inputs (use one for your guitar and the other for the pedal)
  • Plug a 1/4" guitar cable into the Left Output of the BB and plug the other end into your guitar amp input. Don’t plug your pedal into your amp’s high gain channel.
  • Set the Volume on your pedal to about the halfway point.
  • If your amp has an Aux In or Line Input, connect a 1/8" cable from the pedal’s Phones Output into the Line or Aux input. Adjust the Phone Volume wheel on the pedal to about the halfway point.

The simple answer is although you don’t need to buy and use an external USB media reader, some users have reported data transfer problems when connecting the BB pedal using the USB cable method. YMMV and it really depends on your situation. For example,

  • I keep my BB pedal in my music room which is not in the same location as my main computer (which does not have a built-in slot reader) so for the sake of convenience, I bought and use an external USB-C media reader.
  • Try the USB cable connection method and if that works for you, you are good to go but if not, the external USB media reader will help.

If you need more help, please contact Support, or ask more questions by replying to this thread. There are many helpful users and they are more than willing to share their personal experience.

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Thanks very much fantastic prompt response, will try and let you know how i go