Shall we start again? (Can I delete everything and begin again?)

Hi there! I bought my Beat Buddy years ago with great expectations, but life and a baby and a big move to a different city got in the way. Now things are settled and great and I’ve been using it a bit, and loving it for songwriting. The thing is, when I first got it, I installed BBM, backed up the SD card, etc. Now, years (and several operating systems) later, I’m not able to get the “new” factory 2.0 kits, etc. Partly because I think the locations of the original BBM files and some others have migrated during updates.

So my question is, rather than trying to do a million different trouble-shooting ideas, can I just go ahead and delete all the “legacy” Beat Buddy software and files on my computer and SD card, and then just start from scratch, and install the firmware, BBM software, the new default kits/beats and the premium kits/beats I’ve bought?

Is there any danger in that?

Thanks very much in advance!!!

As long as you back up your current project, there’s little risk. There are some challenges that users have experienced installing the official release of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) in Windows 10 or OS X 10.15 but nothing that can’t be overcome. If you run into those problems, reply to this thread with the symptoms of what’s going on.

  • After you back up your project, delete the bbworkspace folder and the BBM app
  • Make sure the SD card is unlocked, put it in your computer SD slot reader and delete the folders and files. NOTE: do not reformat the card.
  • Download these 3 items from; 1) the firmware, 2) Download SD Card backup v2.1 and 3) the BBM app
  • Unzip the 3 files
  • Install the BBM app to your computer
  • Copy the folders and files from within the BeatBuddy_Default_Content+2.1-Project-SD_Card_Backup folder to the top level of your SD card
  • Copy the firmware to your SD card
  • Launch the BBM and use File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card
  • Your computer should prompt you to save your project to your computer; accept the prompt
  • When it’s complete, accept the prompt for future synchronizations to this SD card
  • Eject the SD card and with the power off on your pedal, insert the SD card; plug the power cable into your pedal. Allow the firmware update to complete—do not disconnect or interrupt the process
  • If you have a remote foot switch, update or input your desired settings

Thank you so much for the quick response!
I will try all this today and report back.
Much appreciated!


Thanks again, Persist! I followed your steps, and I THINK everything is working now.
Much appreciated!

You’re welcome. Glad to hear it’s working for you.

I’m thinking about doing the same thing. My question is, will the uninstall take my songs with it? I have my songs (sng files?) saved in a separate folder on my computer.
I recently updated firmware and I think I made a mess of things and would like to start from scratch.

Yes and no. The “yes” part: If your intent is to do a clean install of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), this usually infers that you are deleting the bbworkspace folder as well as deleting the app. This is recommended if you are frequently creating or editing drum sets, or, if you’ve got several copies of the BBW folder on your computer and you’ve lost track of what’s where.
The “no” part: if you only intend to delete the app your project should retain your content.

Thanks. I think I will do a clean install of the BBM. I am having issues after I updated the firmware the other day. (The B2 outro issue that some others are experiencing as well.) During my attempt to get the BB running correctly I was saving and opening new “projects” and just want to start fresh.

I do have the songs that I created saved elsewhere on my hard drive. I think they are .sng files. I was concerned that uninstalling BBM would cause those .sng file to be deleted along with all the BBM files.

Thanks for the fast response.

If you’re going to blow away your bbworkspace folder (BBW), make the project that’s on your SD card is current and complete. If your intent is to delete both the BBW folder and the contents of your SD card you can copy the contents to a folder on your desktop.

Download and unzip the default content 2.1 bbworkspace backup file, and put it in your user/documents folder.

Somewhere the other day I posted the steps involved in the process. Dig those up and follow.