Sharing my BB & Aero integrated pedal board

Just sharing my setup as a regular gigging musician that mainly sings & plays acoustic guitar.
If anyone is considering setting up something nice and small that integrates with BeatBuddy and Aeros, hopefully this can give you a few ideas to play with!

Beat buddy + Aeros + Line 6 HX Stomp & volume and MIDI control.

The name of the game is portability and convenience - everything fits in a ~56cm case that can be packed up and easily transported. The case itself is also the pedalboard.
Everything is pre-connected. When I rock up at a gig I only need to connect the output and input + the main power cable.

Audio signal chain - guitar β†’ K&K Trinity preamp β†’ HX Stomp ->Stereo Out to Aero β†’ Beat buddy β†’ PA
MIDI: Volume pedal and Amperor MIDI control output MIDI to beat buddy. Beat buddy uses merge output to send signals to Aeros. Aeros sends to HX Stomp.

Beat buddy and Aeros allow me to do all the one man band fun for songs that require the dynamics of a whole band.

HX Stomp gives me enough flexibility to shape my tone + toggle effects for songs that need a bit more spices than just an acoustic guitar.
In many occasions I was able to turn my acoustic into an rock n roll electric simply by some EQ & built in amp model.
I was also able to use my acoustic as a bass with HX Stomp. When building loops this is extremely helpful.

The MIDI controller helps me do a few things that the few switches on HX Stomp and Aeros don’t cover.

Not the prettiest board in the world cuz of visibility of all the cables & the gigantic power board. But the convenience this setup brings has been totally worth it.

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Nice setup! Would love to see a video of you putting this through its paces.