Sharing "Songs"

I have a Dropbox account.
If i have an arrangement of a song that i want share back, what do I save there?
And how do I post it here?
How large are the files?
Mainly DOPs tailored to our busking. If i post a “Song” can someone re-edit in say Ableton? or do they need a midi file to do that?
Simple answers for the hard of computing only please

Export the song from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)

Click on the blue button on bottom right of forum page to create a new topic; select a forum Category (User created content); upload the song; add any comments to your topic; press Save Edit.


Yes they can edit in their DAW but they have to Export to MIDI using the BBM.

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We’ve scrounged SO much from here (can’t begin to thank everybody)
Time tro share back what we can.