She's no lady (opb-ks) keyboards saxophones 1.1 - lyle lovett and his big band

This is my first attempt at a ‘big band’ song and I picked this one simply because I love it (sorry about the bad pun). I originally put it together whn Phil Flood started posting his STAX kits, reworking the harmonies and compressing things to fit into the narrow range of that 100mb kit limit…

BUT even with the HORNS of STAX, wasnt quite right … after listening a few times to a live recording, Lovett scored the song for mostly saxophones … so, thanks to PHIL FLOOD, we now have STAX SAX kit …

Anyway, the cheatsheet has the correct jazz chords in it, heavy on 6 to 9 progression with appropriate diminished chords. There’s one OPTIONAL C#m7b5 which isn’t bad, just grab string six with thumb and you’ll have it. so, the cheat and the .sng and the new kit makes it pretty accurate. The only thing I changed was the key, raising it 1/ step since Lovett likes to play in Ab.

Hope you enjoy it … at the least, turn up your speakers and listen!!! Maybe SINGULAR SOFTWARE will take a hint and lift that 100mb limit on kits.

ZIP includes EVERYTHING you need … the cheat has the chord structures too.

Download Here