Should I install 1.6.5?

I went to the old forum to check the latest version:

The post says 1.64 in the text, but when I decided to download the installer for squirreling away, it looks liek the window file is 1.65 instead.
I’m running according to the Help->About in my BB manager.

Should I install this 1.6.5 (lite???) installer?

You probably should as there were some improvements on the quality of the bass audio.

Thanks, I’ll do that!

hmm, 5 crashes in 15 minutes while trying to rename my drumsets
maybe this was a mistake.

can I run the 1.64 installer to go back, or will it break everything?

so I tried to edit Metal(1) into Metal and BM 1.65 crashed (maybe should have stayed with 1.64)
however when I reloaded after the crash, Metal is not longer in the bottom italics list and I was able to rename it without the (1)

Sometimes you just have to relaunch the BBM and it settles down.

so I had to go through this cycle: edit name to remove 1.1, that causes it to be called (1), try to remove (1), BM crashes, repoen BM, now the corresponding drumset is no longer in the italics list, edit name to remove (1)

repeat for every drumset

about 8 crashes later, all my drumsets are now renamed. whatever works I guess?

On a blues guitar forum I hang around, the BB has a pretty bad rep because of how hard it is to manage from the software. I guess that illustrates the bad rep is deserved, even though it’s such as powerful little device.