Should I return my Aeros Loop Station to Sweetwater?

New Aeros Loop Station arrived today from Sweetwater. It appears to be dead in the water. I tried setting up Wifi, and it came up with a place to enter a wifi password, but no way to enter it in. There is no keyboard or anything.
I tried unplugging and restarting the Aeros, and this time, the touch pad is totally unresponsive. I cannot get even the password entry screen. Nothing on the Aereos touch screen is working. If I tap the Play/ Stop/All button, it will go to 2x2 mode and appears to be working, but I cannot tell for sure.

Iā€™d contact Support to see if they have an easy solution

Thanks, will do. I thought this was support. I tried updating the Firmware, and the touchscreen is still dead. I have emailed support.

Update: Singular Sound recommended that I return the unit. Sweetwater is shipping out another one.