Shout Outs!

OK so here I was thinking that my Aeros was my coolest new piece of Singular Sound equipment.

Failure of the highest magnitude.

Don’t get me wrong, the Aeros is a fine looper. I have written a ton of new music on it. In 6X6 mode, it literally beckons you to create new parts. How cool is that?

Well I’ve had my Aeros, Midi Maestro, and my BeatBuddy now for about 4 months. I didn’t have a PC so I could not use BBM as stated in another thread. But I just got one and…Holy Crap! I had no idea… This little BeatBuddy is so cool, I have been in a manic state of downloading and importing songs and kits for 2 days now with no sight of completion. I bet I have another week of this. Autism gives me focus, lol.

Anyways, there are so many contributors that have spent what must be a tremendous amount of time creating all of this content. I wish to give all of you my profound thanks, love, and and perhaps that little red thing (I’ll just rub it on your leg).

Phil, Phil_Flood, persist(How many times are you going to teach folks how to do a search?lol), guitar_stu, CharlesSpencer, Marcello, EdMadden, Mdccook, Jot, Cygnus49, Jim_Jacobson, GarryA, Juanjo, Gabor, BrewerGuy, Andrea Wozzup, Sludge, djreisat, Mike_OC, Fenderman, and matze. I have no doubt I have missed some of you, so if you have created and shared…THANK YOU!!