Show off your Pedalboard!

Hey all, we are starting to post more to our threads account and would love to post some sick looking pics of pedalboards featuring our products

Just post a nice, well lit pic of your pedal board set up and your @ for instagram and/or threads for a chance to be posted and we will shout you out :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

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Here’s a picture of the pedal board I have for my Chapman Stick.


Ooof that’s sick!!! Do you have a instagram account you want us to tag? Send me your @ !

Thanks for asking, but no, I don’t do much social media. I’d rather spend my time playing music.


Martin Johnny Cash signature D35 and DX into the Felix 2. Source Audio Collider delay/reverb in FX loop. Felix 2 and Nord Electro 6D 61 into the Aeros as master. BB is receiver, into Aeros side aux, and MM midi into Aeros. Voice live play for reverb, delay, and harmonies. One of the outs from Aeros and VL to in ear monitor system under the board, the other to SWR California Blonde 200w combo. I may reroute the midi, depending on how well 5.2 beta works for me. I get all my gear from Sweetwater. Would love any feedback.


Liking that you shared your signal chain….

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Martin DM15CE or Gibson LP Trad Pro II ->Old Blood Noise Endeavors ABY →

Left Board

  • Revv Tilt Boost → Digitech Drop Pitch Shifter → Tube Screamer → Crybaby 95Q → Strymon Iridium → CE-5 Chorus → Electro harmonics Freeze ------->

Right Board

  • Tuner->OC-5 Octave->Fender Smoulder Acoustic OD->Vapor Trail Delay → Spark Clean Boost → Boomerang Looper → TCE HOF-II Reverb
  • Also pictured
    ** Sidecar controller for expanded boomerang functionality
    ** Beat Buddy by Singular Sounds
    ** Midi Maestro by Singular Sounds
    ** 2 button expansion pedal (smaller footprint than the BB one, which I use on my backup/spare BB at home)
    ** iPad running Song Book Pro → tells BB which song to load

Notes: Right board is more my “electric” rig and right board I can roll with for a smaller footprint if I am playing acoustic only. Most shows I use both guitars and both boards.

LOVE the Revv Tilt as a boost. It can be a clean boost but also can add a little bit of grit and bite. I use it on clean tones to make the notes cut, and on dirty tones as a thickener/boost. The spark is just a few DB of clean volume boost at the end of the chain.

Strymon is usually on Vox 1x12 for cleans and Marshall 4x12 for dirty. Sometimes I’ll throw it on a fender sound if I want something less chimney than the Vox for a song.


Looks sweet!


Thank you both, do you two have instagram/threads accounts you’d like me to tag?

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Well over 700+ shows, ranging from restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, resorts to bars etc. We are a “jazzy type” duo.

The pedalboard looks a little tired, but everything has been a workhorse…

Instagram: @littleblackdressmusic

For the curious, the power adapter plugged into the block on the pedal board is for the singer’s Play Acoustic from TC Helicon. I use the Boss pedal to start and stop the beat buddy which is MIDI connected to the looper. The BB is the MIDI master. All guitar effects are from the Line 6 HX Stomp.



We don’t really do instagram but we do have a YouTube:

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Like the previous board owner, I don’t do the socials. Appreciate the love!

Since folks were asking about signal chains, here’s mine. There are four signal paths at all go to the mixer:

  1. Vocals, which have a separate pedal board, go to channel 1.
  2. The BeatBuddy output (mono) goes to channel 2. The DualSwitch on the right does BeatBuddy SongAdvance/SongBack when not playing and Pause/OutroFill when playing.
  3. Chapman Stick melody goes to left input of HX Stomp. Left output of HX Stomp goes to the left-most volume pedal and then to channel 3.
  4. Chapman Stick bass goes to the right input of HX Stomp. Right output of HX Stomp goes to the middle volume pedal and then to channel 4.

The DMC Micro goes to the HX Stomp midi in. It does patch up/down and a long press turns on the HX Stomp tuner.

The right-most expression pedal goes to the two HX Stomp expression inputs. I added a toe switch to the expression pedal, which is one of the expression inputs.

The gray USB cable is for the HX Stomp. The gold-ish USB cable is for the BeatBuddy.

I hope that’s useful for someone.


I’m playing a Fender Mustang PJ bass thru the ZoomB1 , and the midi-out from the BB is going into the Aeros from the guitar player… Zoom and the BB are going separated in the Bose TS4 mixer.
Very compact and working perfect.