Show Us Your Skills

I thought might be a good idea to start a post where you can show how you use the BeatBuddy. I’ve gigged quite a bit with the BeatBuddy and found that if you want to use it as a musical instrument, then you need to keep things simple.
I’m just not a fan of the one button press songs - I appreciate the effort and smarts that goes into making these, but it’s a ‘hold on for dear life’ situation; when you press play, you gotta follow it exactly or it will be a mess. Some people are good at this, I’m not. I play by ear and change round song structures all the time, so I need the BeatBuddy to be versatile.

In a solo or duo setup, the ‘out of the box’ beats can be a little too busy for my liking. So, over time, I’ve put together my own simpler versions. I thought I’d post up some snippets of songs of what this sounds like and I’d really like to see others post up their songs. I figure this might be a good resource for new and old BeatBuddy users, just to get some inspiration on how to use the BeatBuddy as a musical tool. You can get my simple beats here:

So here’s some clips of me jamming (sorry the audio quality isn’t great).

The Police - De Do Do Do

QOTS - No One Knows
Beat: Simple Beats (Kick & Snare Swing)

Bad Company - Shooting Star
Beat: Simple Beats (Kick & Snare)

Patrick Street - Music For A Found Harmonium (I’m Irish, by law I have to play some traditional music)
Beat: Kick 4/4

If you have some songs, post them here.

Nice job with the playing and editing of the sample to be simpler and work for you. Keep posting more good stuff!