Shuffle beat

Looking for a "standard " shuffle beat, as in one without the triplet hi hat thing going on. Can only find shuffle beat in “Country” and they are all triplet based, cheers

Download the “Beat Builder” from the Website, then you can edit your own Tracks. I was looking for a straight “Swing” beat but they didn’t put out anything on swing. I found something close in “Country” as you did but with the “Beat Builder”, you can edit out about anything you want to. You can also reset the volume of the different drum parts as well. Be careful of the BPM though, they have to be the same as what your working on. There is one more thing that I done and that was to load all of the available “Beats and Fills”, “Outros and Intros” into one of the files so I could retrieve any section of the song and place whatever I wanted to anywhere in the one song I was working on. What I mean is if I wanted a #82 fill placed where there was a #17 fill, I could do that if that file was in a place where I could get to it or you can also just search for it, but again, you have to have the same BPM if you borrow a Jazz entry and place it in a Country Song. If it is a different kind of beat though, some of the fills will not be compatible. Just experiment with all of it to find out what you want. I am having a lot of fun just figuring out how to change some of this stuff. I am making up a lot of my own “Custom Tracks” just by messing around with this stuff and using the “Beat Builder” as well. Have fun and don’t get discouraged. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.