Signal chain

I play an acoustic guitar (with a pick up) or an electric guitar (direct out or recorded from the amp) into a vocal harmony pedal (TC-Helicon Harmony Singer) then into the mixer. The vocal mic goes through this pedal too and then into another channel in the mixer.
I currently have my beat buddy going into it’s own channel, mono, in the mixer. I’ve used it that way for a long time.
I’ve added an Aeros to my gear. It is currently just connected to the BB by the midi breakout cable. I’ve used it someby itself. The firmware was just updated. What is the best way to route my guitars with my Aeros and Beat Buddy?
I want the sounds of the acoustic after the mixer to be recorded, so aux out to the Aeros? And the sounds of the guitar amp recorded, so direct out into the Aeros? Where do the outputs of the Aeros go? I don’t want to record vocals just yet.
I’m a bit confused. I’ve seen into the BB and out to the mixer. Or otherwise?
Thank you.

Unless you are out of mixer channels, there is no need to route an audio signal into the BB. It just adds another potential gain stage or source of distortion to your sound. Just route the Aeros output to your mixer.