Signals Routing issues

I have a big problem with the routing system. However, I have the impression that what I expect from the aeros makes sense, route the signals to their respective outputs (do not merge the input signals).

Here’s the problem:
Recording source:
-main in (guitar on Left)
-aux in (drum machine)
Loop playback routing:
-main out (guitar amp)
-out (mixer)

The result when reading a loop:
-the guitar is heard in the amp and the mixer
-the rhythm machine is heard in the amp and the mixer

It does not make sense. I don’t want to hear the drum machine on my guitar amp and I don’t want to hear sthe guitar in the mixer.
Is it not possible that each of the incoming signals are redirected only to the dedicated outputs ?
Main IN-> Main OUT
Aux IN-> Aux OUT

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Hi there, the Main menu settings have routing options. You’ll have to route loop playback and main thru signals to the main outs and the aux in signal to the aux out.

You do not answer the question.
What I want to do is record the “auxiliary in” and the “main in”; and that each of the loops are transcribed on the correct output channel:
The auxiliary loop on the auxiliary output and the main loop on the main output.

When I do as you say (with “RECORDING SOURCE” MAIN IN and AUX IN), my auxiliary loop (drum box) is retranscited on the auxiliary output and the main output (drum box in the guitar amp, which is a disaster) . The looper merges the two inputs to record the loop. It should leave the channels separate (loop auxiliary and loop main).

Hi there, I think I’m misunderstanding here, are you trying to record the drum machine as well? That is the root of your issue, there is only one stereo channel to record loops onto, there are not separate aux in and main in recording channels. If you set the aux in as a recording source as well as the main ins then they will be merged on the recorded track on Aeros.

If you are not trying to record the drum machine, then I’m not sure what the issue is and maybe may need a little clarifying. If you are just sending the rhythm machine through the Aux in to the Aux out and not recording it, that can be achieved in the Main Menu settings, and it will not be recorded to the Aeros loop playback.

As you said there’s only one stereo channel (yes I want to record drum machine and guitar), there are not separate aux in and main in recording channels. If I set the aux in as a recording source as well as the main ins then they will be merged on the recorded track on Aeros.
Do you think it’s going to upgrade? I wrote on an other thread to make a real routing page with panoramic and capabilities to record track 1 with aux (drum for me) and track 2 with main ins (guitar on left channel).

That’s an idea because at the moment there are too many restrictions.

Hey there, yes we do want to look into the possibility of expanding the routing options but that isn’t our focus right now. In theory it should be possible to implement what you ask, but that will be further along the road.

thank you for your reply. I look forward to developments on this subject and there are many of us in this case. Can you give us a vision of the road map (midi implementation, file management, fades, reverses, panning and routing control …)?

The point of the BB is that the “MIDI” will sync the drums each time the loop is played automatically. That is why there is no provision in the design to record the beat buddy in the loop, it’s not necessary. This loop machine is designed for loops, not really to record a finished track. A 4-track or PortaStudio is what you need… The only other option would be to record the entire drum track on a loop by itself, then build everything around that loop. That is how many records were made… Honestly though, as long as you check that the BPM is correct, the drum track will sync with your loops without being recorded, perfectly every time…

As of right now this our roadmap (doesn’t include all the stuff we’d like to do):
Crossfades and file management, recording in mono, mute options, in the upcoming release (hopefully within a week).
Midi implementation will come next, hopefully within 1-2 months, routing and effects after that

If you want to record live a drum pattern and then chain with the guitar, the aeros should be what I need.
It has all the necessary inputs and outputs. It just lacks functionality between and I count on singularsound to make this box the best on the market.

@BrennanSingularSound :pray: :metal: thank you. Can’t wait ! :grinning:


I second this motion! I definately need what gets recorded from the mains to then be played back only from the mains and what gets recorded via aux in only gets played back from the aux out! Super frustrating… So appartently this might not be implemented or at least not for some time???

The timeline for doing this is not really set, it’s not something we are looking into right now.
Our current goals after this upcoming firmware release are MIDI implementation, Lock Tracks, and Auto Quantize, in that order.

Where does “hands free operation” without midi come into that list?

By the way, that’s a good list! Hoping that MIDI implementation also improves the integration with the BB.

@BrennanSingularSound hope tour going to work as soon as possible on the management of in/out/tracks.

We’re hoping to include it with one of those updates, we have to get an estimate of how long it would take to implement.

We can only focus on so many things at once, it’s better that we set achievable goals one by one. We will look into this soon.


I hope this includes some time to add an extra foot “gesture” that is compatible with the “button down” gesture.

There’s at least one easy solution, but you’ll likely need to change the debounce code. I don’t think you can do this just by playing around with event assignments.

I won’t bore the forum with the details, but there is a way to build this in the Aeros (that’s not possible with the BB). Without a gesture, the Aeros is going to be limited by tradeoffs due to “not enough buttons”.

There’s a lot of potential to make the Aeros much more flexible and intuitive. @DavidPackouz, please don’t settle for a solution that requires a midi controller.

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A quick solution I use for the routing issues is: reserving the Left channel for guitar and base and the Right channel for synths and percussion. So everything that goes in Left comes out from Left and goes to a guitar tube amp and everything that goes in Right goes out from Right and goes to the PA. No mix, no fuzz. There is some cross talking between Right and Left, which I hope it will be improved in the future, but this configuration solved my routing problems.

For sure it’s what I do today. But I would use aux in to have my synth in stéréo, main in left for guitar in mono and i don’t want to have a merge output signal.

Oh yeah I would also be glad with some extra routing capabilities. Synths in stereo, that would be really nice. In this case I could also split the guitar and base to L/R for better mixing. It should be possible without any changes at the hardware, at least for the 6x6 mode were we have enough tracks to route. It doesn’t sound like we will be seeing this implemented soon though.