So I ordered on 10/13 (they had just under 100 units available) with the footswitch . .Pay Pal’d and got receipt email . .got an email from MyBeatBuddy confirming the order . .order #7906. I waited a while and havent heard anything else. I have emailed sales@ and contact@ trying to get any kind of information regarding the shipping of it and I haven’t gotten a single response. Getting kinda worried. Anyway else experience this during the ordering process?


Don’t worry. The team is simply having very hard time dealing with tons of issues as of currently. Thus the e-mail delays.

I have ordered my BeatBuddy approximately in January-February. I have it handed to me by the time first shipping wave started.
I have ordered my second one approximately in June-July. Yesterday was the second shipping wave for those who ordered approximately at that time, and I, indeed, got a shipping confirmation letter.

Looks like your BeatBuddy will simply be shipped a bit later, with the third shipping wave. The production power of Singular Sound is unfortunately not as high as some may desire, but you have nothing to fear about. You will get your BeatBuddy handed to you.

There was simply not a single case when someone ordered, but didn’t receive his BeatBuddy! I’ve heard several occasions of when shipping carriers got messed up really badly. But even those unlucky people still got their BeatBuddy units!


Thank you for the reply . .let me say that I have expressed interest in the unit for some time so I was kinda bombarded with emails TO buy it. I placed my order while units were suppossedly on hand . .implying it would pretty much immediately ship. And while I understand things happen, I am more concerned about the failure in communication post sale. There certainly is no problems in communicating to get me to buy it . but it goes quiet the second I do and that causes concern. Again, I’m not trying to raise hell, I would just like to be officially informed consdering I purchased and it’s not general inquiry. I look forward to receiving the unit whenever that may be. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.


Yeah, sure, I understand what you say. Marketing is hard :slight_smile:

I certainly have no way to verify your order status. If you have already sent an e-mail to, you are not required to do any other actions aside from waiting. Regarding to that limited information I have, there is a pretty long queue, though… :confused: