SILENT dual footswitch

Hey everyone…
Just found an Excellent product from Air Turn:
These are totally silent foot pedals for a variety of uses. I just got a simple configuration of 2 pedals, a non-skid pedal board and a cable splitter ( less than $ 48.00 including shipping). Used my own adapter for mini stereo to 1/4 inch stereo plug…and it WORKS beautifully ! No clicking, no sound at all. Check them out !

Also, if anyone uses backing track set lists on a laptop, tablet, etc…check out the quad version with Bluetooth. They can customize the controls for you ( for like $ 5.00) and let you scroll up and down the list, start and stop selections (ie: MP3 list in Windows Media Player). And these are the same silent pedals.
Cheers, Bill

Thanks Bill for the info. Already have the Bos FS-5U Pedals on my Pedalboard so don’t need anymore right now, but it never hurts to have the information for something down the line.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I use the Airturn pedals and have all my songs on an IPad with OnSong system. Works like a dream.

Do you have the BB manager on your iPad and if so how did you download it? I would truly appreciate it.

No, I have OnSong on my iPad. I have Beat Buddy Manager on my laptop. I can open OnSong on my laptop with Console which makes it easy to work on songs.

BBManager is not available for iPad.

It would be nice though, if it were developed to work on the IOS (iPhone and iPad). If enough users were to ask for it, perhaps Singular Sound can provide a BBManager for IOS.

has anyone tried this pedal?
it seems to be pretty new, but getting great reviews…
i’m wondering how it holds up against the airturn ped…?

Edit: getting the irig blueturn… :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Airturn bt-105. Things I’ve found with the Airturn unit. Sometimes it will not connect to my iPad automatically and I have to go through a reset procedure. The other week it ended up somehow in the wrong mode, normally I use it in page turn mode, but there’s no indicators to tell you that so I had to play without it as I could not figure it out until I got home. not a big deal but annoying.
Turning it off is a pain and seems to involve holding the very smnall power button for some period of time and then releasing it. If you get it wrong, it stays on!
does not use batteries, this is good and bad. The bad is that if it goes flat, doc says you have to return it to them for them to reset it so DON’T LET IT GO FLAT. However see the comment above about turning it off. If you forget to charge it before a gig, you’re screwed unless you take the charging cable with you.
Personally I’d prefer to use rechargeable batteries but the use of an internal battery does mean the unit is very low profile, probably more so than that iRig unit.
When it works, which to be honest is actually most of the time, it works fine. It’s only failed me on a couple of occasions where I could not get it to pair to the iPad. 1st time was resolved by resetting it, second time, see above!
I’m not going to rush out and buy the iRig but if the Bt ever gives up completely I might.

if anyone is looking for a smaller, really solidly built footwitch for the Beat Buddy or Beat Buddy mini, I found a great on for only $23 on eBay here:

I just got a factory refurb Behringer FS112BX off of fleaBay for $17 - there are several variants that only seem to differ in the two letters at the end and the labeling of the buttons.

Old thread, but I felt it worth noting that if you’re working from a pedal board with a power supply, they do make adapters that will allow you to power a pedal’s battery input from your pedal board. I have the double foot switch from BOSS I got used for cheap to control my BOSS RC-3, it’s only power source = battery… using the 9v adapter worked fine. I have a a pretty expensive power supply though, as it was the only one that offered 12v 600ma for the one pedal I have that I love and can’t live without with plenty of room for all my 9v pedal. I had a lot of options for 9v current, including something suitable for the low power draw of BOSS footswitches. I think I paid like $15-20 for a dual switch. A few bucks for the adapter? At that price I had no qualms pulling the rubber off the bottom and adding Velcro for my board.

$4 and will work with a simple 1-spot daisy chain adapter or any 9v lead coming from your pedalboard’s power supply. I don’t work for Truetone or intend to advertise… but I would recommend this to anybody with that one pedal that only has a 9v battery terminal for power.