HOw can i make a SIMPLE beat from scratch on my BB. I just want a snare and bass drum alternate beat. nothing more. BB has a zillion beats and I can’t find just one that has a simple snare/tom or snare/BD beat. Help!

Are you just looking for a 4.4 on the hi-hat and a Kick-Snare-Kick-Snare (1-2-3-4)?

Easy way for a simple beat would be to use this drum pattern creator linked below and save what you make as a MIDI file. Then bring that MIDI file into a new song in BeatBuddy manager.

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YES. That would be a start.

Thanks Mark. I appreciate it. I’ll give it a try


Try Country 6, Pop 6, or Pop 10.

Thanks Joe… That one’s pretty close and I missed it…. It still has the double beat at the end… perhaps I can edit it out?

I was talking country…

On the pop. Number 6 is missing…?? Don’t know how I erased it…

On pop 10 it’s the same as country. .VERY close , but has that double beat that I don’t want.