simple beat, bass, snare and tambourine

im looking for a very siomple bass drum and snare/tambourine, cant find anything i like on original sd, has anyone posted anything?

You can create a beat like this by making a MIDI file of the pattern you like, using a MIDI editor, such as this one:

I bought the gig beats package. Less busy than what came with the BB. The prices for beats and kits are very reasonable on the BB website IMO.

Thanks for that, will check it out. I’m also looking for a beat with a really tight snare sound.

Bass Snare Tam. Very simple beat at 120 BPM…Have fun.

I`m also keen on Bass, Tambo and Shaker beats…

I`m yet to work out how to add Tambo and Shaker to the standard or rock kit.

Have all day today to work it out - will post results.

I had a great day on the Beat Buddy!

I purchased the Cajun beats & World Percussion Kit… Has great Shaker and Tambo sounds. And i`m liking the Cajun vibes.

I`ve previously used a Stomp thru a Sub at gigs so am searching for that same “thump / kick”, but with Shaker and Tambo on top.

The thump of the Cajun sounds good thru my monitors here in studio… be interesting to see how it works Friday night thru the P.A / Sub.

If i could somehow add the Rock / Standard bass drum to the World Percussion kit, i would have all i need.


Hey Trent,
Did you ever figure out if you could add a kick drum the the World Percussion and if so how was that? Sounds like a great idea for what I do as well. Thanks

I’m looking for very similar beats. I also bought the Cajun beats & World Percussion Kit and like it a lot.
there is tambo sounds in the kit but i have no idea how to get them to play :frowning:

You’ll need songs that have a tambourine as one of the instruments.

Yes. I’ve gone through most of the beats that I would use as a solo acoustic performer that came preloaded, plus the pack I bought and also downloaded a cajon kit from a member here. None seem to trigger the tambourine…so…I think I’m going to have to build my own beat with a kit that has these…should be interesting lol!

Would LOVE to hear what you come up with…Ive been looking for simple stuff myself

I have made some progress with a percussion kit to accompany solo acoustic.
I started with a kit made by a member here called " Ben cajon"
It has a great sound for the kick and snare but uses high hats and full cymbals.
So I replaced the hats with a shaker and the ride with a tambourine.
I’ll play with it a little more as this is all new for me and I’ll post when I’m satisfied.

Does the Cajun beats & World Percussion Kit have a couple of two step patterns? Thanks