Simple Beats 1.1 - A small collection of very simple beats

A small collection of very simple beats. Suits the Ben Cajon kit or the Neptune kit (see

Ideal if you just want to tap a tempo and get some basic percussion. Toggle off the intro in the Main Pedal settings if you just want to come straight in without a 4 beat count in.

Download Here


thank you very useful for small acoustic gigs :cowboy_hat_face:

Yikes this is cool. I’m an acoustic performer and wow this is useful.

This shows up as a .pbf file. How do I open or import the songs?

A pbf file is a Beat Buddy folder file. Use File > Import > Folder in BBM to load it.

Can anyone post an active link to the/your Neptune Kit the link above is dead? Thx!

The old forum appears to have finally bitten the dust and unless another user is willing to share the Neptune kit, that may be a difficult request to fill. You could try a different kit to see if that works.

I don’t use the neptune kit anymore. @GoranGrooves did a great job of improving the default kits and beats (see I generally use the Jazz/brush/standard kits.