Simple - hopefully - question before I buy :-)

I am about to purchase a BeatBuddy to sync two Rang 3 loopers. I can’t seem to find the answer to this very basic query, but can I send the MIDI clock to the Rangs without the BB playing, then kick in the beat partway through a track. Then subsequently stop the beat without the clock stopping?
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Anyone please?

From the BB Midi Manual:


● AlwaysOn : BeatBuddy always sends out the MIDI tempo clock even when it is not playing. This is useful for when you want your MIDI tempo based devices such as loopers or delay, to play to a certain tempo but you don’t want to have drums playing while you do it.

●WhilePlaying​: BeatBuddy only sends out MIDI tempo clock while it is playing drums. This is good for when you want your other devices to only follow the BeatBuddy’s tempo while the drums are playing.

●Disable​: BeatBuddy never sends out MIDI tempo clock

Hi Max!
We send a clock to our VoiceLive pedals and it updates the tempo continuously whether is playing or not.
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