SIMPLE MAN, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1press SuperBassLowD

This post has two two versions of this song. Both in the key of B (same as Skynyrd’s studio version). One version has the solo between the second chorus and the fourth verse as in the original recording. The second version does not have the solo. It just goes from second chorus into the fourth verse, same pattern as going from the first chorus into the third verse. In keeping with the studio version, you will play one round of the song’s ever repeating B - F# - G#m pattern by yourself, then press the pedal and the cymbal and bass starts in. The rest of the intro in both versions sticks to Skynyrd’s original as well.

You will need to download the amended version of the SuperBassG kit that I have posted the DropBox link to here. I replaced the Low and High Congas at midi 62 and 63 with a low bass D and Eb, respectively. This song, and a couple of others I’ve run across, have the low Eb and I even ran across a low D in one song. Some of these songs aren’t very vocally friendly for many of us if transposed up a half step to get rid of the Eb bass note … Simple Man being one of those for me, so, thus, the SuperBassLowD kit. If you use the regular SuperBassG kit for this song you’ll hear some Conga hits right before and during the chorus, and you don’t want that!

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And if you search Resources, you will find a couple more versions posted by Phil Flood and Phil