Simple Old Country Songs

Hi Beat Buddies
I have my new pedal. This pedal is great, but so is the learning curve. Since I am very new and have no idea how to create anything, I have been looking for a drum set that I can use with old slow country songs. Most of them came from 78 rpm records. Songs like: Heartaches By The Number, Fraulein, Please Release Me, or even a song like Linda On My Mind. I would like a drum only set that would loop forever. I am thinking of a softer set of drums with a heavy “click” I call it a rim shot, but then I’m not a drummer. After all, these songs are all about the singing and not the crash-boom-bang. Please help

Hi Hemroid,
I made a collection of simple beats with Hi-Hats removed you can download here: Just import it with the Beat Buddy Manager.
I always found the other beats just too busy. With the Simple beats, you can just tap a tempo and start playing. It will sit back in your mix and provide a solid, unobtrusive percussive backing. Then, as you get more familiar with the Beat Buddy, you can always experiment with more complicated beats.

If you want to use the beats that come with the beatbuddy, because learning the Beatbuddy Manager is the over-next step (very useful, after doing so, the real fun starts!!!), look at the song matching tool. You ll find songs like yours, but dont be confused with the dropbox-links, they dont work. Look at the ones with pop1, blues 1, country 1 or similar.

You might find something you like in my product:

Also, in Resources, I posted a Boom-Chick beat:

Thank you so much. You all are very kind. Now I’m really glad that I bought this pedal.

Check out Groove Monkee as well. They have some solid beats for country and many other genres.

I ordered some of Groove Monkees drum tracks. I hope that they work for me. Thanks again for the help.

I like their stuff. I think you’ll enjoy working with those.

Does anyone have experience with their metal, rock and blues packages? Are they as good as the country packs?

I have and like the rock, blues and jazz packs.

I’ve used the blues pack. I like them.

Awesome, I’m sold ;). I just bought a 32G SD card and put my BB content on it. Now trying to fill it up ;).

Hi forum friends
Just an update
I received the country beats from Groove Monkee. You were right- great stuff. I’m going to get the outlaw and blues too eventually and maybe more. This has been the friendliest, most helpful forum that I have ever seen. Once again thank you all for your help to get me started.

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Just a heads up…all Groove Monkee packs are on sale for few days up to 50% off! I’m so happy I waited an extra day to pull the trigger ;).

I did the math and if you want all the Beat Buddy - Country, Blues and Rock packs it will come out to about $121.60 (12 packs). For a few extra dollars, you get the everything bundle at $149 which includes an additional 17 packs of world, punk, jazz, retro, break beats, fusion, metal etc. ;). Not all have PBF files but they all have BB midi to play with.
Great Deal!

You’ll really have A LOT TO PLAY with, haha. I have some packs too, and everytime I’ m looking for a special groove, it comes to a longtime folder-surfing. I use presonus Studio One (free) parallel to the BBM. There i can browse and pre-listen the Groove Monkee midis very comfortable. Then I drag and drop directly from the Studio One File-Browser to my BBM-Song. I never had any issues with this workflow, i think midi-patterns are always fully stored within a song. After being imported, the link to the original midi-file isn’t needed any longer. Please correct me, if this is wrong.

It’s been awhile since i even came on here and view a few conversations but I have all the beats your looking for on file. If you want them just let me know.

Do you still have beats for Old Country? I’d love to have them.

I have hundred of beats i use for most all the country classics and more besides. If i could attach the list here i would. Lets see if this will work for you. I tried to upload my file here for you but it won’t accept the format i have it in. I use Microsoft Excel for my list. Send me your email address to: and i will send you the full list. Puts Wayne’s Drum Beats in the topic so if it goes to spam i’ll catch it.

You can zip the file and attach it or you can replace the .xlsx extension of the file with .txt with a note for users to replace .txt with .xlsx