Simple Question

Before anybody chews me out for asking a question I did a search. I created a folder in BB manager. How do I get that content to the BB drive?.


In the bbmanager goto file in the left upper corner and select synchronize project in the dropdown menu.
Select the proper drive where the SD card or BB is located. And there you go. It can take a little time sometimes, so give it some time and wait until it has finished. Sometime I’m too impatient and think nothing is happening and then suddenly I see a progress bar pop up, so wait for that to happen.
(You should have the bb connected via usb or have the sd card of the bb in your computer)

Thanks so much for the help Renev. Below is the window that pops up when I try to sync.Is that wondow what you see and what is the step from there?

Hi Timmy, yes that is the one (just G:) in your case. After selecting that, it should do the synchronize and your newly added items should be written on the card. Put the card back in the BB or (when you have the BB connected you should be able to see the changes in the BB)