Simple standalone midi editor again

I asked it 14hrs ago, but I can’t see my post in general discussion and no any views there. It’s suspicious and I try it again.
Can you recommend a simple standalone midi editor-player, where I can listen to midifiles and choose the right ones, while editing a song. The Beatbuilder is nice for automatic preparing files for BB, but there are no edit functions. I mean, in Betabuilder I can’t add different files, it just opens one file. Let say, I have a main beat and few fills and I want to choose the right fill for the main, but I can open them separately. I need something simple, but with more function, for example, importing midi at the current cursor position, importing multiple files, cutting them, relocate, etc. I know, in DAW all of this is possible and I use it in this way now, but DAW needs soundcard, which isn’t allways with me. So, I want to do this things in a simple way, just with single laptop sometimes. Any advices?

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As far as a “simple” standalone MIDI editor, I’m not sure it exists and if it does, it probably doesn’t have all of the functionality that you’re looking for.

As I’ve not tested either one of these free editors, I can’t vouch whether they will meet your needs. If you decide to test, let us know what you think.
You can take a look at something like this but it’s only for Windows and Linux:
Here’s one for Mac:
Although Studio from Presonus and Reaper are free/trialware, neither version fell in the “simple” category. I’d suggest trying either one of these to see if they do what you want—it would be helpful for you to download and use their manuals as a reference.

Thanks Persist!
I tried delete first one, but haven’t permission. Don’t know why, as this is my post. I should learn more about new forum. It has some strange behavior sometimes.
Will try the sourceforge and will tell you impresssions.

So, the soundforge midieditor isn’t proper, as it can open just one file at same time. But, I found another from same source. Speedy midi.

It has more possibilities and if I want to open different file with opened, this opens it in another window, without closing first one. Then possible copy-paste the second one to first at choosed cursor position. In this way I can listen to midies, edit them and choose from them. My desire is fulfilled. I made this sorting work with Guitar pro 5, but sometimes importing and editing was cumbersome. Although I don’t forget about GP5, it can be very helpful, when preparing beats with bass.

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I recently found a free simple midi editing program called : MidiEditor ! , maybe that is what you are looking for?

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Thank you! I found better: SpeedyMidi. The link is above.

I imported a beat from Beatbuddy folder into speedyMidi but I can not see the notes (beats) separately , very strange ! do you have that problem also?

How does it come that I see one strait line during 4 beats long?!

Hm. I really don’t know. Opened few files from BB, same thing. Then opened few from another sources, same with some of them, normal with the others. But it played normaly. And I can copy-paste. This is enough for me, as I want to use this program for quick auditioning and sorting only, which groove, which fill, when I create my own beats from sources.
For seruious editing, still use DAW and strong midieditor or sometimes Guitar pro 5. Every midi source have different behavior. With BB’s own files I use editor in BBmanager, or Beatbuilder. Yes, it could be nice to have standalone editor with stronger capabilities, but I didn’t find anything better. But I’m curious, what’s the problem. Maybe ask somebody, who knows more about midi-magic and if you got an answer, please let me know.