Simple Way of Changing Relative Drum Volumes

I find one of the most frustrating things about BB is not having some kind of mixer available to simply make say the hi-hats quieter in a certain kit. I find the open hi-hats in a lot of the rock and punk songs for example way too loud but there are only 2 ways to change this currently that I’m aware of - 1. Change the volume of the relevant drum or drums within each kit in BB Manager (i.e.from -3db to -10db) then save the kit or 2. Using some kind of midi file editor program to change the volumes of certain drums & save the resulting midi files.

Neither of these solutions are any good as a quick fix where you can easily change these volumes back for say the next song where maybe the hi-hats aren’t too loud. Can anything be incorporated in future versions of BB Manager or does someone have a better solution? I’m not interested in using the BB live, more for recording purposes where you need to be able to balance the drum mix the way you want it before recording - but surely this would be useful for all the people who do use BB live as well?

Going even further would be a full mixer of the kind available in Toontrack products where you have full control over individual drum volume, pan, amount of reverb/delay/ambience added per drum, master volume of each kit etc. but I realise this is probably beyond the current aim of the BB Pedal.

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I’d like to second this. I do use the BeatBuddy live quite a bit… but I wish there was an easy way in the Midi editor to change the volume of an instrument on a kit. Maybe I’m missing it, or maybe I could play with kits for individual songs… but often when I’m editing a pattern, I just want to soften the kick drum or raise the hats, or something of that nature. When its a simple pattern, its not much of a problem just to edit the velocity on the few hits… but on more complicated patterns, especially with cymbals… this is near impossible, and I want to achieve a “uniform” editing of the whole pattern for that one particular instrument… which is tough to do… unless I’m missing something.

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Any response from BB support on this?

Until a simple solution is found, you can try my method:

See Post #7.

Thanks Phil, yep it’s pretty easy to accidentally write over an existing kit you’re right.

Was coming here to post what you have.

I want to be able to do a group velocity change on say the hi hats, within the midi editor in BB. Would be very handy!

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