Simpler Drumming for Acoustic Players

I’ve seen other threads, I just wanted to add my vote to a simpler setup in some of the patterns. I’m using the BeatBuddy at every gig now and it’s become an indispensable part of my rig. I’ve gone from worrying about overusing it, to missing it on the acoustic tunes I play without it.

I’m really appreciating the specific songs and beats, etc that users are posting and that’s becoming more and more important in my set, but simple patterns with dramatically reduced high hat action and just 2 to 3 hits during transitions would really aid my playing. I’ve eliminated 70% or more of the preprogrammed patterns because they’re just too busy to go along with a solo performer.

Thanks for all you’re doing and all the new updated features you’re providing! Ross

Check out the new “beat elements” they have for sale now… that’s more basic stuff. Also, I’ve found that switching it to brushes for alot of beats makes it go with acoustic a little better…

I would also check out the Gig essentials beats.