Singing the Praises of Beat Buddy Support

Just wanted to say as publicly as possible that…


I’m looking at you, Jay.

I am not gentle on my Beat Buddy – I hang over 85,000 presses on the main switch alone every year. And I have worn stuff out. Jay has been incredible in helping to keep me up and running, providing advice, service, and very reasonable options for replacement (if necessary) whenever I’ve run into a problem.

So forget Oprah: Jay for President!

Just wanted you all to know how lucky we are as a Beat Buddy family to be so well-supported by the company that keeps us rockin’!

(DISCLOSURE: This is an unpaid, entirely unsolicited, unashamedly gushing endorsement of the team that keeps me working every weekend!).

So, Woot!


great to hear a good customer service story. too many negative stories out there for many companies these days in all product markets :slight_smile: