Single beat count in missing on intro's

Unless I am missing this somewhere I think the intros are desperately missing a simple 1,2,3,4 or 1,2.

If somebody has the tech know how as to how to upload one of these midi files we can then change the drum to suit and tempo to suit each individual song we are working on.

I can think of songs where the drums do not come in straight away or are played very light and trying to press the pedal halfway through a verse to get the vocals and guitar bang on time with the pedal press is very difficult to be accurate, it is easier at the start of a verse or chorus but not so mid verse.

A simple one drum beat can be used as a intro similar to a drummer banging their sticks for everybody to come in on time at the start of a song or could be used as a build up and listed as part one of a verse and then transition without a fill to part two for the rest,

Fingers crossed,


Check the forum under Beats / Other Beats.

Here ya go - two in fact. (Not mine - at least not ‘hats’…I just edited it to clicks in a midi editor).

FWIW - I use Aria Maestosa. It’s free. It opens any midi; and is ‘stupid’ simple to use to edit or amend beats and export back to midi format.

You can create/amend your own beats all day long and import back into BB simply and effectively.